Empowering Through Education and Skill Building

The L.A. Education Center is a cornerstone of Haven of Peace, offering a nurturing environment where residents can develop crucial skills for personal and professional advancement. Understanding the vital role of technology and education in today's world, our center is dedicated to bridging the digital divide and opening doors to new opportunities.

Core Offerings:

  • Computer Literacy: From basic computer usage to advanced digital skills, our curriculum is designed to make residents tech-savvy, preparing them for a digitally-driven world.

  • Job Search and Application Assistance: We provide tailored support for job hunting, including guidance on using online job portals, filling out applications, and navigating the modern job market.

  • Résumé Writing Workshops: Our experts assist residents in crafting compelling resumes that highlight their skills and experiences, significantly boosting their employment prospects.

  • Typing and Writing Skills: Enhancing typing speed and accuracy, along with effective writing skills, to ensure our residents are well-prepared for a variety of professional tasks.

  • Research Skills: We emphasize the importance of research skills, enabling residents to find and utilize information efficiently, an essential competency in both academic and workplace settings.

  • Additional Educational Resources: Beyond these core areas, the center offers access to a range of educational materials and resources, supporting continuous learning and personal development.

Our Vision: The L.A. Education Center at the Haven of Peace is more than just a training facility; it's a launchpad for our residents to reach their full potential. By equipping them with essential skills and knowledge, we aim to open up new pathways for success and self-reliance. Our dedicated staff is committed to creating an empowering and supportive learning environment, helping each resident to build confidence and skills that will serve them for a lifetime.


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