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Haven of Peace empowers women in San Joaquin County by providing a sanctuary for safety and nurturing hope for a brighter tomorrow. Our approach is rooted in love, forgiveness, and imparting essential life skills, fostering independence and resilience to confidently stand on their own.

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We dedicate ourselves to equipping women with the necessary tools for self-sufficiency. Our goal is to guide the women and children in our shelter towards embracing the forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ, an approach we believe cultivates wise choices, nurturing relationships, and a wholesome lifestyle.



The Haven of Peace has adopted the butterfly in our logo as the butterfly symbolizes a new life. For the first time, it has wings to fly with freedom and independence. That is what it’s like to see a resident change as she grows. She leaves the Haven with a new direction, a new life. So whenever you see a butterfly, remember, as a result of your prayers and personal contributions, miracles are always happening at the Haven of Peace. Women are learning how to fly on their own!


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Recognizing that many residents come from situations of domestic violence, homelessness, or other forms of instability, we prioritize creating a sanctuary where women and children can feel protected and at peace.

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Faith-Based Guidance

Integrating spiritual teachings and values, particularly those rooted in Christian beliefs, as a cornerstone of our approach to rehabilitation and personal growth.

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Personal Growth

Encouraging and facilitating personal development, life skills, and continued learning to prepare our residents for a successful future.

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Respect and Dignity

We treat all residents with respect and dignity, recognizing everyone's inherent worth regardless of their past or present circumstances.


Haven of Peace shelters up to 35 homeless women and children in French Camp (outside Stockton, CA). We offer case management, and provide a variety of classes to residents, such as life skills, parenting, budgeting, and computer classes. Residents are referred to other agencies for assistance with domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health, and other issues. Residents can stay at the Haven of Peace for two weeks. It is possible to extend the stay for up to six months if residents work with their case manager and are reaching goals toward achieving self-sufficiency.

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Emergency Shelter

Providing a nurturing environment where residents can be safe, grow, and thrive.

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Case Management

Fostering independence and self-sufficiency among the women we serve.

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For Women

A sanctuary of support and renewal, empowering them to rebuild their lives.

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For Mothers

Mothers and their children are embraced with safety, support, and security.


Since 07/01/2023



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Women Found Employment


Women Currently Housed


I cannot tell you just how thankful I am for how the women who worked at Haven of Peace helped my daughter get her life back on track.

Thankfully, my girl is doing wonderfully these days! Haven of Peace helped in a big way.

Debra K.

I will never forget this place because they treat you like family, and they don't mind loving you as well. This shelter I will always thank God for, and I will never forget a single person who shared their love to me, Amen.

Princess Nay

Life-saving is the first thing that comes to mind. I was expecting the worst and could not believe my incredible experience there. The staff and the other women there will forever be in my heart. I pray I can give back to them somehow.

Elly Repko


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